Solar Panels on Home

3 Benefits of Using Solar Energy at Home

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Solar energy has recently become more popular due to its organic and natural qualities. It is also more economical to use solar energy due to its renewable supply…. Read More »

Eco-Friendly Flashlight

2 Solar Flashlights to Keep Handy

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Need a flashlight and the batteries are dead? How many times has that happened to you? Have no fear because solar powered flashlights are here! With so many… Read More »

Sprout Watches

How to Stay on Eco-Forward Time

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“Simply put, we set out to make the most eco-forward watches available. Truthful, transparent and to the point – we’ll never be anything less.” This is the mission… Read More »


Choosing the Best Green Laundry Products

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With so many “green” laundry detergents out on the market, how do you know which is the best for the environment and which is the one that is… Read More »


30 Minute Vegetarian Chili for Meatless Monday

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Meatless Monday is here again and with this simple vegetarian chili recipe you are guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Try to get the produce in… Read More »


The Easiest Way to Conserve Water and Save Money

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With a lot of the country in a serious drought (Kansas, Texas, Nebraska just to name a few), it is nice to know that the average consumer can… Read More »

Roofs with grass.

6 Surprising Benefits of a Green Roof

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A green roof or a living roof is the roof of a building that is covered with vegetation (such as grass and flowers) which is planted over a… Read More »

Gardening in summer - woman with herbs

How to Grow an Herb Garden

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Having an herb garden isn’t limited to being outside; if you have the right conditions you can have an indoor herb garden as well! Growing herbs are perfect… Read More »

Box with vegetables

3 Benefits of Gardening at Home

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One of the most rewarding activities you and your family can enjoy is to grow your own food. Besides being able to enjoy delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs… Read More »

Blonde Woman Writing in Journal

4 Simple Ways to Reflect and Meditate

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Our personal growth as individuals requires us to take the time to reflect upon our feelings and experiences. If we just kept rushing about our business every day… Read More »